Ceph Management and Monitoring

openATTIC utilizes various technologies and frameworks to provide an easy to use web interface for the Ceph management and monitoring capabilities provided in version 3.x:

Based on these technologies, openATTIC supports managing the following resources of a Ceph cluster (running Ceph "Luminous"). Check out the live demo and see the openATTIC 3.x screenshot gallery for pictures.

  • Dashboard: Monitor and visualize the overall health status and key performance metrics of the entire cluster via custom Grafana dashboards
  • Ceph Pools: View, create, manage and monitor individual pools (both replicated and erasure coded pools, with and without compression)
  • Ceph Pool Erasure code profile management
  • Ceph Block devices (RBDs): view, create, manage and monitor RBDs
  • iSCSI: manage iSCSI targets and portals, access control (requires DeepSea and lrbd)
  • NFS: view, create and manage NFSv3 and NFSv4 shares on top of CephFS or S3 buckets (requires DeepSea and NFS Ganesha)
  • Ceph Object Gateway (RGW): manage users, access keys, quotas and buckets (via the RADOS Gateway Admin Ops API)
  • Ceph Node management: list all cluster nodes and their roles, monitor per-node key performance metrics
  • Object Storage Daemon (OSD) management (view)
  • CRUSH Map viewer

Other features

  • Multi-user support
  • API Recorder for easy application development/debugging

Missing a feature?

openATTIC is under active development. If you're missing a particular feature, please let us know!